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Kissing in the rain, how cliché… but how much I wish it would happen to me…
Walking hand-in-hand into the sunset on a beach… Sounds like a sappy love story… I can't help but feel jealous.
You think to yourself, as you watch your Taiwanese friend, Mei, laughing with her Japanese boyfriend, Kiku. Ever since they started to date, she hasn't had any time for you. And when you guys did hang out, all she would talk about is Kiku. She was the last person, besides you to be single. Now she, too, had a boyfriend. Honestly you really hated being the only single person in your group of friends.

It used to be Mei, Madeline, Elizaveta, Lili, and you. But then Madeline started to date Gilbert, the school's bad boy. About a week after those two started dating; Elizaveta hooked up with Roderich, the school's best pianist. Soon Lili fought her overprotective brother to allow her to date Emil, the Icelander. Now that Mei had started dating Kiku, she has made it very clear that you really aren't welcomed to hang out with her, anymore.

You let out a grieving sigh and got up from the bench you were sitting on. It's just high school, good thing you only have a year of it left. There's no point in moping about it. I guess I have to go make new friends. You think bitterly to yourself. Obviously Mei wasn't going to be walking home with you anymore. So you started to walk home, alone. The autumn day seem to make you feel somewhat comforted.

As you walked past the park, you hear some soft sniffling coming from the park. You don't know what possessed you to talk towards the sound, but you did. Behind a tree, to your left, was a little boy with chestnut hair sitting there crying by himself. You could feel a knot forming in your stomach. "Hey… Are you lost?" You whispered softly, so you don't scare him. He snapped his head up quickly, his face fell when he realized you weren't the one he wanted to see.

Quickly he shook his head no. So many questions were swarming your head, at the moment, but you didn't ask any of them. Instead you sat down next to him and started to sing a lullaby you taught yourself, when you were a kid.

Sometime during your singing, the small child had stopped crying and held onto you. At first it shocked you, but you just allowed him to use your lap as a pillow. Slowly his swollen red eyes fluttered shut. When you finished your lullaby, he was sound asleep. He had this odd curl sticking out of his head, which you found funny. It raised and fell along to the little boy's breathing.
But never the less you just sat there and watched the sunset. It's magnificent, radiate colors captivated your mind. It was so beautiful, oh how you wished you had a lover to share the moment with. But you got a little kid instead. You quietly laugh to yourself. Better than being by myself… you think to yourself.


You've been sitting at the park for about thirty minutes, before it got dark. Well, time to go home. Slowly you picked you the chestnut-haired boy and began your journey home. It was a quiet walk and the child was still sound asleep. The night breeze began to pick up. The little boy began to shiver in your arms. You stop to put your back pack on the floor.
It took great skill to hold this small being and using the other to take your cardigan off and draping it over the small form. But never the less you were somehow able to do it. A small smile crept up your face, when he stopped shivering. You picked up your backpack off the ground and continue to walk home.


Right when you opened the door to your house, you went to put the boy onto the sofa. Then you proceeded to closing the door and taking off your shoes.  You hear a small whimper coming from your
living room. Quickly you dashed towards the living room like a mad woman.

The small child had just woken up and was scared out of his mind. "What's wrong?" you ask as you rushed to his side. His face looked relieved when he notices you. "I-I was scared y-you left me, like my c-cousin did." He stutters and began to cry again. "Oh it's okay. It's okay. Who's your cousin, I'll help you find them," you cooed, and whipped his tears away. He sniffles and looks at me. That's the first time I saw his gorgeous hazel eyes. "You're really nice, belle," he sniffled. You weren't expecting him to say that, but you just smiled.

"Now, who's your cousin?" you asked. "He's"— he was cut off by his stomach growling. His face heated up as fast as light. "Ah, let's go eat, you can tell me later. Right now, I need food," you said, trying to make him less embarrassed about it. "What do you want to eat… Oh my I haven't asked you for your name, yet! I'm ____!" you said with a warm, gentle smile. "Lovino Romano Vargas," he said. "Well, nice to meet you, Lovino. Now what would you like to eat?" you asked.
"Pizza!" he said.


You ended up making pizza from scratch, just because you could. And you found out more about Lovino. He's five and has a twin brother. Apparently everyone seems to like his twin brother more than they like him. And he has a potty-mouth, which you had asked him, if he could, to not curse when he's in front of you. Also he loves tomatoes.

After you two ate the pizza, you ended up playing make-believe with Romano. How did it end up like that, you would never know. But after playing with him for a full two hours, he started getting tired.

Oh dang, I still need to find out who his cousin is!

"Alright Romano, now, before I let you fall asleep, I need to know who your cousin is," you said, as you cradled him. "Hmm… oh… His name is Antonio Fernandez Carriedo…" he yawned, snuggling up close to him.

Antonio… that sounds familiar… Oh god it can't be that Antonio, could it? Well it won't hurt trying. You frown at nothing in particular. You've never really spoken to Antonio before… but he was friends with Gilbert.

You set Romano gently down and went to go retrieve your phone. Sucking in a breath, a prayed that Madeline and Gilbert weren't doing anything romantic at the moment, you called Madeline. After it rang for about thirty second, she finally picked up.

"Hello?!" she asked, sounding out of breath.

"Hi… Maddie, it's ____. I… um…  does Antonio Carriedo have a little cousin?" you ask awkwardly.

"Yeah, he does. Two of them actually… He somehow lost one of them and we're looking for him right now, Toni's worried sick…" she said, and you hear in the background someone screaming 'Lovi where are you?!'

"Oh good, I have a little kid at my house right now. His name is Lovino Vargas and I found him at the park this afternoon… He said that he's Antonio's cousin. So can you ask Antonio to come pick him up from my house?" You were now sitting on the couch, stroking Romano's hair.

"MAPLE! ____! You are a goddess!! Yes we will be right there!" she screamed into the phone. For once she actually sounded loud.

Well that went well, you think to yourself, as you set your phone down on your coffee table. You run your hand though your (h/c) hair. You looked down at Romano, who was sleeping so innocently. It was nice to have company around for a while. But of course Romano has to go home eventually.

Ding! Dong

Oh there's the bell. Time to wake Romano up, gently you shake his shoulder to wake him up. "Romano, your cousin's here to pick you up. C'mon, wake up," you said softly. Slowly his eyes fluttered open and he gradually sat up. He rubbed his eyes and asked cutely, "T-toni?"
"Mmhmm, now let's go open the door for him," you smiled.

He hopped off the couch and you took his hand in yours. Right when you opened the door, the Bad Touch Trio busts though your door, along with Madeline. You had to pick Romano up, so he wouldn't get trampled. They all were out of breath.

"Um… Why don't you all come sit down in the living room," you offered.

They all stumbled into your living room and collapsing onto your couch. "S-sorry, _-___... W-we ran a-all the way here…" Madeline panted, still trying to catch her breath. "Oh don't worry about it, um which one of them is your cousin, Romano?" you turn your head towards him.

"Tomato Bastard!!" he cried and ran to the teen with chocolate brown hair. And in turn the teen, Antonio, called out, "LOVI!!! You're safe! Do have any idea how worried I was?! Don't you ever do that to me again!" They embraced each other and Antonio started to rock the small child back and forth.
"Aren't you glad, my little birdy, has suck awesome friends?" Gilbert smirked as he pulled Madeline onto his lap. Her face turned red as a tomato. "Oui, aren't you going to thank the lovely lady, Toni?" the blond head agreed.

"Oh my bad, gracias señorita," he smiled. You just smiled back to be polite. "Oh it's okay. He was good company." "But still muchas gracias… Is there any way I can repay you?" his Spanish accent started to become more obvious. "Hmm? Oh no need to. Like I said he was good company," you reply.

You didn't see Gilbert and Francis exchange looks between each other. "Well it's late and I have to get Birdy here back home, before her bro gets his panties in a twist," Gilbert declared and bridal carried Madeline towards the door. "Oui, that would be wise," Francis agreed as he, too, made his way towards the front door. That left Antonio, sleeping Romano, and you standing in the room alone.

"Well you minus well be leaving too, you don't want Romano to get too grumpy, now would you?" you smile sweetly at him and walk towards your front door. He just follows behind you quiet.

"Well have a nice evening," you call out to the three friends that were already out the door. Antonio takes a step out the door, before turning around to face you. "Um do you want to get some coffee with me some time?" he asks quickly. "Sure, that would be nice. Goodnight Antonio." You say and close the door. "Buenas noches," he murmurs as he runs to catch up with the rest of the group.


Antonio's P.O.V.

"Looks like someone has fallen in l-o-v-e~~!" Francis sang. "Really, who?" I asked, bewildered because obviously Gilbert and Madeline were in love. And that left Romano, him, and me. "Seriously Toni, who else is there but you?" he laughed. "W-What?! Me?! No! I'm not in love!" I denied. "Mmhmm mon ami, you need to stop lying to yourself. You know it's true~! Ahh love at first sight, how romantic!" he rambled on. I just kept smiling and nodding my head to pretend that I was actually listening to him.

I glanced over to Gilbert he was holding Madeline's hand and whispering to her. I felt a pang in my heart, I somewhat wanted someone to do that with too. Soon we reached Madeline's house and Francis and I waited by the streetlight, as Gilbert said goodnight to her. "Are you envies of him, Toni?" Francis asked quietly. I glanced at him and he was staring at the romantic scene in front of him.

"Hmm," I hummed, it wasn't really an answer but he didn't ask any more questions. We stood in silence and waited for Gilbert to hurry up. Their goodbyes were always really long, but eventually Gilbert came prancing to us. "Alright guys, where to now?" he asked.

"I have to get Lovi home," I replied, I was going to say my goodbyes, but Gilbert had another idea. "GREAT! To Toni's house!" he called out. "Oi ssshhh!! Don't wake up Lovi!" I scolded playfully.


When I got home, I tucked my little tomaté in bed. Feli had already fallen asleep long ago. By the time I came back, my friends had already made their way into my kitchen. "Mon ami, do you have anything in here, that doesn't have tomatoes in it?" Francis complained. "Yeah dude, all you have is pasta, pizza, and lasagna. Do you have anything else?"  Gilbert interjected. "Of course not! Tomatoes are the best~! Why wouldn't you want to eat them with everything?" I cheered and made my way over to the refrigerator to get some lasagna.

Both of them rolled their eyes at me but still ended eating the lasagna.

They ended up sleeping over. Not that I minded but it always ended with us getting slightly drunk. Francis ended up taking the couch and Gilbert slept on the floor, while I laid awake thinking of the hermosa chica I met today.

Her beautiful (e/c) orbs that seem to go on forever, her gorgeous soft-looking (h/c) hair that frames her petit doll like face. She even got Lovi to warm up to her! Everything about her just intrigues me… Dios mio, why can't I stop thinking about her? I don't even know her name! Maybe I'll ask Maddie if she could tell the goddess's name…

I smile softly to myself as I recalled her face; slowly I fell into a deep slumber thinking about her.
Hi everyone! So I haven't written anything for a while so I just thought of this and I was like why not!
This is something I just came up with on the spot. Enjoy!
I think you could figure out the characters, but if not...
Oui- yes (French)
Hermosa chica- Beautiful girl (Spanish)
Gracias- Thank you (Spanish)
Dios mio- My god (Spanish)

Antonio- Spain
Romano- S.Italy
Francis- France
Gilbert - Prussia
Feli- N. Italy
Elizaveta - Hungary
Roderich- Austria
Kiku- Japan
Lili- Liechtenstein
Emil - Iceland
Madeline - Fem!Canada

Story (c) Me
All Hetalia Characters(c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) You
Picture (c) someone on zerochan
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